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Body sculpting

Body Sculpting is an umbrella term for many different treatments that are an alternative to liposuction or going under the knife !!! All treatments are non-invasive, requires no downtime, no stiches and are all permanent ! We offer different treatments that can help someone lose stubborn fat in certain areas ( i.e. the stomach, help with cellulite removal, etc. ) Our courses also teaches you to offer butt lifts as well as skin tightening services, especially in the lower abdomen area and much more !

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Our courses

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting is the name given to the wide range of medical procedures carried out to shrink areas of stubborn body fat and to reshape the body to give it a slimmer appearance.

After completing our courses, you will be certified in the following.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Weight-loss treatment that uses low-frequency sound waves to burst fat cells

R.F. Skin Tightening

Nonsurgical method of tightening your skin on the face, neck, or body using energy waves.

Vacuum BBL

Loosens tight, restricted muscles, eliminates toxins. speeds metabolism

Wooden therapy

Columbian wood therapy is the best way to remove body fat, cellulites and reaffirm the skin.

Metal Ice Sculpting Training

Body Buffing Training


Why go for body sculpting ?

Because of its great draining effect, it achieves the best and most perfect highly visible results from the first session on body treatments, can also be used for facials. This treatment activates circulation, combating cellulite and, helping to eliminate toxins and break down the adipose tissue. This technique employs repetitive movements using more than a dozen different wooden implements to manipulate targeted areas of muscle, fat cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic drainage system to rid the body of stored toxins.

Our Services

We offer multiple body sculpting packages

Learn to give your clients an hour glass figure with the hottest non-surgical techniques; such as body cavitation, body and facial laser lipo, vacuum butt lifts, wood therapy, suction therapy, body and facial RF skin tightening, lymphatic drainage therapy, , and thermal wraps

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation, or ultrasound cavitation, is a cosmetic procedure that’s used to break apart fat deposits in your body. The treatment claims to work as an effective, less invasive alternative to liposuction. This treatment varies in effectiveness, and more clinical trials are needed to have a clear understanding of how well it works.

R.F. Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency is a non-surgical treatment used to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also very effective as a preventative measure for those who are experiencing the first signs of ageing.

Wooden therapy

In short, wooden therapy uses a number of different wooden massage-like tools to help break down fat and cellulite. The wooden instruments are used to apply direct pressure to “problem areas” and essentially naturally eliminate excess body fat

Vacuum BBL

Clients with more muscle definition can see results in about 2-4 sessions. Others with less definition and loose skin can expect to see results with 6-12 sessions depending on their skins collagen & elasticity. The results are permanent with maintenance sessions, exercise and clean eating.
Amanda L California

I used to put a sweat band around my face to try and get rid of my chin, I was desperate! It seemed like nothing would work. But thanks to the talent, skill, and professional expertise of theit staff, I can say goodbye chin fat!!!

Sarah Conor California

Very easy to learn, really nice presentation. Thank you for everything.

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